Adam's Trim & Lug Nut Brush

Adam's Trim & Lug Nut Brush

$ 19.99
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This multi-purpose brush is great for cleaning in hard to reach places. You can use it to clean around lug nuts and badges or bring it inside to clean air vents and seat rails!

  • New Metal-Free Design with Longer Handle
  • Detail Trim and Emblems with Ease
  • Get Into the Deep Crevices of Lug Nuts
  • High Quality Boar's Hair Detailing Brush
  • Use to Clean Interior Crevices
  • Use with Adam's Car Shampoo and Detail Spray
  • 2.5" long bristles, 7.5" long handle
  • Made in 



Product Details

Sometimes the right tool for the job makes all the difference, and this is a tool you'll need to get the job done right. Use it with soap and water to clean around badges, inside door jambs, under the hood, lug nut holes, or even brake calipers. It's a versatile tool backed with the Adam's 110% money back guarantee!

Adam's newest Trim & Lug Nut Brush uses the same super soft boars hair as our previous brush, but now set in a completely metal free design with a longer tapered handle that's more comfortable and more durable than their previous version. 

To ensure it withstands years of use with cleaning products and water the bristles are set in a completely chemical resistant epoxy, secure set in a the tapered plastic handle,  the top of the brush head is then cut to a slight curve to allow easier access into tight spaces around lugs nuts and other wheel crevices. 

The 7.5" long handle makes this brush extremely comfortable to work with and the 2.5" long bristles make this the ideal tool to clean away without ever scratching delicate surfaces. When it's not cleaning wheels the Adam's Trim & Lug Nut Brush is the ideal way to clean around badges and emblems. Simply dunk in your wash bucket or spray a liberal amount of Detail Spray into the area to clean and gently agitate the area. 

Adam's Trim & Lug Nut Brush has great uses around the interior of your car as well. Use it to clean around radio control knobs, door switches, or anywhere those tiny bits of dust and crumbs want to hide. You'll find dozens of uses for this effective cleaning tool all over your car that will not only make your detailing easier and more effective, but more enjoyable too.


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