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1: What is the difference between Android units and "regular"/ WinCE units?

Most Dynavin units use WinCE  to run the navigation program but on some cars there is an option to get android units instead.   This change in hardware makes for a VERY different type of unit but there is much confusion and misunderstanding about what exactly Android means to a car head unit.

The Dynavin is a dual system, meaning there is a "radio board" and a "GPS board."

The radio board contains the Radio, DVD/CD, ipod, USB, SD, Bluetooth, Aux in, etc... these functions are identical on both the Android and Windows units,

Then there is the GPS board....On windows units WinCE is used in the background to run the navigation software program.
On Android units it is an android board so it can run navigation, but also apps, browsers, email, etc... but must have access to the internet to do so.

I cannot stress this enough, the android versions are intended to be tethered to a cell phone through an infrastructure (NOT AD HOC) wifi hotspot, confirm that your phone does infrastructure wifi BEFORE you order a dynavin or be prepared to switch phones.  If you do not intend to tether you are likely wasting your time with an android unit and would be better off with a windows unit. With the added flexibility of android comes the added possibility of issues, issues with android, issues with apps, issues with connectivity. In general these units work fine but they are more complex and require a level of technical ability and knowledge to get the most out of them. If you are willing to spend the time to read, learn, dial everything in, and update and maintain things regularly, android will be a lot of fun for you, if you just want to "Set it and forget it", get a windows unit.


There are now also some "all android" units on the market, they vary GREATLY in quality, some are very good, some are terrible, do your homework!  Or if you are not finding the info you are looking for, email us for clarification.



2: What AC control relocation kit do I need for my E46?

Look at the buttons....if there are no seams between the buttons and they are all housed in the same button housing you need the "single row button" part as shown below.


If you can see seams between the buttons or you have a single button with a "blank" filling in the rest of the are you need a "individual row button" part as seen below.  The number of buttons is irrelevant!  What matters is if there are seams between them or not.


Multiple forum sponsors including myself carry them.  If you have any question as to which part you need, email us a picture of your console and we will let you know what part you need.


3: My BMW has OEM Nav....what do I need to get to install a Dynavin?

If you have OEM Navigation your cars radio is actualy in the trunk! Because of this you will need to purchase the "5M Fakra Harness" that will extend all of the wiring from the radio in the trunk to the dynavin in your dash. The Fakra comes with an antenna extension and an extension for the steering wheel controls as well.

Some of the earlier E46/E39s have the round pin plug in the trunk instead of the flat pin plug.  Look in the dynavin box and note that the short dash harness for the non nav cars DOES have the right plug.  The fix is simple, cut the flat pin plug off of the fakra and replace it with the round pin harness from the short plug.  Basically swap plugs.  The wires are all color coded so you just match them up.  BUT in some cases one wire doesnt match, its pink on the fakra and white on the short harness and goes to the small steering wheel interface plug.  Set them side by side to see how it should be done.                                                                                                 
You may find after installing the Fakra cable that the buttons on your dynavin dont light up, if so there is one other thing you may need to do.   See the orange illumination wire on the fakra....there is no illumination wire in the trunk plug so you will want to splice that in with the red ignition wire on the fakra, that way the dynavins button lighting turns on when the car is on....OR if you want the lights to dim with the dash lights you will want to splice the orange wire from the fakra into a dash lighting circuit, the easiest place to do this on most cars is the ashtray light or at the stock head unit plug, in most BMWs the lighting wire is the grey and red wire on the blue plug.  ALWAYS confirm this with a test light or voltmeter.


4: Will my steering wheel buttons still work?

Yes. Plug and play.


5: Will the E46 Dynavin work with my E46 HK system?

Yes. Plug and play.


6: Will the E39 Dynavin work with my E39 DSP system?

No, the DSP is a propriatory integrated system, the display on the dashboard is just a control unit and display, the amp, radio and all its functions are actually housed in the trunk. Because of its closed nature you cannot remove a part of the system and expect it to still operate. Because of this there are two options available. Option 1 is to relocate the dash mounted parts of the system to the trunk and/or glove compartment, info about how to do this can be found here:http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum....php?t=1553862

The second option is to bypass the factory amp altogether and install an aftermarket amp. This option is desirable if you want to upgrade your sound at the same time that you upgrade your head unit.


7: Can I watch TV on the Dynavin?

There is a television tuner available but it is a separate accessory. At this point there is only a tuner available for DVB-T markets (Europe and Australia primarily).


8: Do I need anything else?

You might want USB extensions so that you can easily access the USB plugs on the back of the unit once it is installed. There is a mini usb plug on the front that is tied internaly to one of the rear USBs and can be used to play music files and apply firmware updates but most people dont want a cord hanging off the dashboard and prefer to either use flush panel mount usbs or run the extensions to the glovebox. The dynavin also has an auxiliary audio video input, there are a number of cables that can be used with the aux in and which cord you might use depends on what you want to connect. The ipod video cord is the most common as it allows video to be played (the dynavins built in ipod cord is audio only)


9: Where can I get these cables?

From J&T Distributing, of course.........but any car audio shop should have the parts on the shelf.


10: I have an early E46/E39 with the "powered" antenna, Will my radio work?

Some BMWs before early 2002 have an antenna that is powered by the factory head unit, when you remove the oem head unit, you remove the power source resulting in sub par radio reception.  The fix is to buy a Metra 40-VW53 antenna adapter, connect the blue power wire on it to the red wire in the dynaivn harness.  This restores power to the antenna and will improve reception.





11: What do these labels mean on the USBs and which ones should I use?

The dynavin has 2 systems running inside it, a radio/DVD/USB player and a Windows based small computer used to run the GPS system. So the "radio board" is connected to the "DVD USB" and the "windows board" is connected to the "GPS USB."

The DVD USB is used to play music/videos/pictures off a USB flash drive and is one of the selectable sources for the dynavins regular player interface. It is also used to update the firmware.

The GPS USB is used to connect to the windows board for things like the Wifi or 3G modem or the windows media player embedded in the windows menus.


12: Do I need to ground the "park" wire to make video work while the car is in motion?

No, there is a setting in the radio menu called "brake," Turn it off.


13: My Dynavin is very loud and does not seem to have much volume adjustment. 

The Dynavin units have an output level setting to change the output to better match the car's OEM amplifier (if equipped).

On D99 and later units go to the hidden "Factory Settings Menu" by going into radio settings, select SYSTEM, the press the upper right corner of the screen.  The menu will come up, set the AMP setting to COMMON (or ON depending on your dynavin version).  DO NOT set this setting to OPTICAL.

If your Dynavin is too quiet, do the opposite and set the AMP setting to NONE.


14: I hear lots of weird noises, static, beeps, etc...
See above.


15: My Steering wheel controls dont work!

If you have a Dynavin D99 or D95 verify that you have plugged in the little black ibus interface box, it  just plugs into the dynavin harness, thats it, the mini USB on the box is for programming and is not used in the install.

16: What is the best place to put the bluetooth mic?

Many people put them in the stock mic location near the sunroof controls but every car is different, experiment a bit to find the location that works best for you.


17: Will the Dynavin work with a backup camera?

Absolutely, there are many cameras available online as well as from some of the dynavin dealers. The dynavin has a dedicated plug for the camera and a wire that is tied in with the camera power wire so that when the backup camera is activated by the reverse lights, the dynavin will automatically switch to the backup cam.




18: The screens gives me a warning message when I try to watch a DVD or video?

Go into the radio menu and turn off the setting labled "Brake"


19: Why is the time always wrong on the radio screen?

If you have RDS turned on, the Dynavin will get its time settings from the radio station you are listening to. If the radio station is broadcasting inaccurate RDS time data....your clock will be wrong on your dyanvin! Turn off RDS in the settings menu or call your local radio station and tell them to fix their RDS time settings!


20: Where is the setting to make the time 12 hour instead of 24?

Dynavin units only display time on the Radio in 24 hour time, On the navigation screens time display is configurable in the navigation system menu.


21: Whats with all the different menus?

The Dynavin has two systems running in parallel. One system runs the radio, DVD/CD, ipod. USB etc.... The second system is running windows and is used to run the Nav program that is located on the SD card....this can be confusing initially as there are three separate menus, one for the radio etc... functions, one for the windows functions, and one for the navigation program functions. Once you spend some time with the unit and understand how it works you will better understand the different menus and how to use them.


22: Does the Dynavin have internet access?

It certaily can! Dynavin offers their 3G modem that can be plugged into one of the USB ports and when loaded with a data sim card allows access to the internet through a number of available browsers. There are also some "hacks" available from a third party to enable wifi tethering to a smartphone.http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=794137


23: What is the best way to use the ipod control?

V5 only

Until Dynavin adds a "back" button to the ipod interface, using the touch screen controls can be a bit fidley. Dynavin has managed to enable steering wheel control with the latest firmware so that you can actually control the ipod completely via the steering wheel buttons, this works well enough, use the up and down buttons to move the cursor, the RT button to go back, and a long press of the talk button to select. However I find that the remote control is by far the easiest way to control the ipod while driving. Just use the arrow buttons and the "root" button on the lower part of the remote to move the cursor, skip pages, make selections and go back in the menus


Hold down the MENU button on the ipod screen to go back to the "root" menu and make your selections from there.  Press the right and left arrows on the screen to page forward/back.





24: What are all these other programs I keep hearing about?

The regular (winCE) Dynavin will run any number of navigation programs, they just have to be placed on an SD card and if they are compatible the dynavin will run them. It currently comes with a licensed copy of  iGo Primo.

Android dynavin units have google nav by default but there are a number of other nav options available from the android market.


25: Every time I touch the screen, the music comes from back speakers only.

Go into the windows menu (the one with the lowrider car) go to setup, go to volume, set "keystroke" to "non"
Then start the nav program, go to menu, go to settings, go to sounds, turn key sounds off and turn up the volume controls.
26: When I press the Nav button everything is in the wrong language or even "boxes"....
Do this: (If the video below doesn't appear, try refreshing your browser.)



27: My Dynavin says "navigation software not found"

You will see this if the dynavin is not setup to run the nav program or if there is no nav card in the SD card slot.  The nav program is run from the SD card and you need to tell the Dynavin where to find the executable (.exe) file to launch the nav program.  This "file path" will vary depending on the navigation program being used but the .exe file must be selected so the dynavin knows what program to run.


For instance the version of iGo Primo that we currently sell is located at: StorageCard/MobileNavigator/Mobilenavigator.exe. The older versions of Sygic's .exe files is located at StorageCard/Drive/windowsCE/Drive.exe.  This is part of the initial setup that may be necessary on the unit so see the "install guide and setup" page for more info.



28: I can see the Navigation program but its in italian/chinese/etc...!

Do this: (If the video below doesn't appear, try refreshing your browser.)



29: I did the above settings but every time I turn it off the Dynavin looses its memory!

For reasons I dont completely understand the dynavins sometimes dont hold their memory on the windows settings when new. This usually only lasts a day or two and then it will hold the settings. As far as I can tell there may be some kind of battery backup that needs to charge for a day or two in order for the memory to hold.



Firmware updates


31: Can I update my V1-4 to make it look like a V5?  My D95 to look like a D99?
No, the different versions are different hardware and firmware. The newer firmware is not compatible with the older hardware.





WinCE Setup


1: Turn off keystroke sounds

2: Set file path for Nav .exe program (if needed)

3: Start Nav program and autodetect and configureGPS antenna

4: Set radio menu settings to their optimal settings (in my opinion they should all be off)

5: Access the hidden factory settings menu so set your unit up for your region (Radio Settings>System>press the upper right corner of the screen) change Radio Region to the appropriate value and change AMP setting to ON if you car has an OEM amp (all US spec BMWs do), setup the reverse behavior options based on if you are using a camera  if your car has PDC, and if you want sound to mute when using a reverse camera.






Android Setup


If you managed to get your hands on an Android unit, good for you! But for best results the unit needs to be set up properly! Doing the following should give you a good start.

Once your unit is plugged in and running, play around with it for awhile to figure out the basic functionality so the following makes sense....


1: Press the MODE button to to the source screen, press the settings icon in the lower left (gears). I prefer to uncheck all four options:
Navi Sound....makes it so that android sound comes from all 4 speakers instead just the front (remember that the android part is intended to run the Nav program)
RDS....radio data system....will display radio station and song data, thats nice but it also transmits time data and when your radio station screws up the time it will screw up your clock.
Beep....Self explanatory.....makes that annoying beep go away.
Brake....makes it so you can see video without getting a warning message.

2: Go to the source selection screen again and choose AUX as your source, then take the remote control, hold down the 9 button to bring up the factory settings menu. You will see some settings.....change the radio region to USA1 and if you have a car with the OEM amp in the trunk (all US spec cars do) you will set the AMP setting to ON. Once you are done setting it just let it sit for a minute and the menu will "time out" and go back to AUX.

3: Now to access the android side of the unit you will use the NAVI button, it will toggle back and forth between the radio side of the unit and the android side. Almost every app on the android side has its own volume control that is controlled by the volume icons on the status bar at the top of the screen, if the volume settings for any given app are too high the sound will be be distorted, turn them down to a moderate level for best results.

4: The android part of the unit gets its time settings from the GPS receiver, in the time and date settings you will need to uncheck the "Automatic" time option in order to set your time zone but be sure to recheck "automatic" before you leave this menu so that it will continue to automatically get the time data from the satellites.

5: After you set up a wifi connection between your dynavin and wifi hotspot, I find that it connects most reliably if the hotspot is active when the dynaivn starts up, so I activate the hotspot on my phone as I am walking up to my car. Then when I start the car, the dynavin starts, the android system boots up, scans for wifi, and wifi connects. It takes a couple minutes but it does this fairly reliably. If you start the hotspot after the unit is on the unit may or may not automatically connect. In this case I find that if I toggle the wifi off and back on in android, it will connect after a minute or two. Of course, this is wifi, so your results may vary depending your your wifi source, what works best for me may not work best for you!


Android Firmware Re-installation: If for any reason you want to re-install the Android OS.... (remember this will wipe out all of your apps and settings)  Do not do this unless you know why you are doing it!

Go to dynavins website and download the firmware: http://www.dynavin.com/android.php

Make sure the entire thing downloads....its been my experience that this download often hangs....

Once it is downloaded, unrar/unzip the download.  (right click>extract all)

Place the  files directly in the root of the SD card that came with your dynavin (this is critical, no other SD card will work for this process)

Place the SD card in the dynavin and turn the unit on. The unit will automatically begin to update.  Once it is done updating it will prompt you to remove the SD card and restart the unit.

It will take a long time to boot up the first time after installing the firmware (about 4 minutes).

Once you are satisfied that it has updated, delete the firmware files from the SD card so you can continue to use it.





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