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Dynavin North America (J&T Distributing, Inc.) is THE OFFICIAL Dynavin Distributor of North America.

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Please ensure that your firmware is up to date before proceeding with troubleshooting: click here for the latest firmware updates.


1. Before you Buy/Pre-installation

2. Installation

3. Operation

4. Navigation

5. Firmware/Software Updates



1. Before you Buy/Pre-installation


1a: What do I need to know about the Dynavin N7-MST2010 PRO Radio for the 2010-2014 Mustang? 

Click here for detailed FAQ specifically for the Dynavin N7-MST2010 PRO Radio

If the steering wheel controls are not working, check that the 4-pin plug on the main harness is connected to the back of the radio and if it is, unplug it and make sure to plug it in the correct direction so it is keyed properly. This is a common install error.


1b: Which AC control relocation bracket do I need for my E46 without OEM navigation?

Look at your car's buttons. If there are NO seams between the buttons and they are all housed in the same button housing, you need the "single row relocation bracket" as pictured belowThe number of buttons is irrelevant but what is crucial is whether there are vertical seams between them or not.





  Single Row Button Style




If there ARE seams between the buttons (as pictured below) or you have one button with a "blank" filling in the rest of the area, you need an "individual row relocation bracket" as pictured below.  The number of buttons is irrelevant but what is crucial is whether there are vertical seams between them or not.





  Individual Row Button Style



If you have any questions as to which part you need, email or Message Us a picture of your console and we will let you know!


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1c: My BMW has OEM Nav. What do I need to install a Dynavin?

Click here for the PDF Version

If you have OEM Navigation in your BMW E46/E39/E53, your car's radio is in the trunk – typically on the left side of the trunk in the E46/E39 or in the center on the E53. So the extension cable and antenna extension cable (sold separately) will need to be run to the trunk (along the door sills and behind the rear seat) to bypass the OEM radio module and plug into the car's plug. On the appropriate Dynavin page for your BMW model, select "w/ OEM navigation (includes extension cable)" under the "Current Audio System" drop-down menu. If you're not comfortable with this part of the install, we recommend finding an installer (particularly one familiar with your model car). Questions? Please contact or give us a call during normal business hours Monday-Friday.

  Extension Cable and Antenna Extension

  Round and Flat Pin short wire harness adapters (use only the one that fits the car's plug)

  1. Before removing the factory radio, check its audio settings and be sure that it is set to a default audio setting. The factory amp retains the settings of the factory radio so when you install the Dynavin radio, it will use those same settings which can cause an echo in all audio sources. Set it to a default setting before removing the factory radio.
  2. Locate the car’s battery cable and be sure to run the extension cable on the opposite side of the battery cable. Otherwise you are likely to get engine noise and static.
  3. The extension cable (the "Fakra” cable) extends all the wiring from the radio in the trunk to the Dynavin in your dash. You will locate the square car wire harness (pictured below) and unplug it from the OEM radio module. You will then plug in that square car wire harness into ONE of the appropriate short wire harnesses included with the Dynavin (either round or flat pin). The other end of the short wire harness --that is now plugged into the car plug-- will plug into the long extension cable. You will run this cable up to the dash and plug it into the Dynavin. 
  4. The extension cable comes with an antenna extension as well. You will plug one end into the radio antenna input (pictured below) and the other end will run to the dash and plug into the teal plug on the Dynavin.
  5. Finally, you will need to make a separate connection for the button lighting using the loose orange wire (see section #1d below for details). So, have the orange wire at the dash end.  
  6. If you have OEM DSP, your install is no different. All you need to do is go to the main menu > Audio > scroll down and select OE DSP Amp to enable audio through your DSP amp.

*Be careful to note the location of the battery cable in your car, running the extension harness near the battery cable can cause noise/static issues.  Standard practice is to run the signal cables (including the extension harness) down the opposite side of the car from the battery cable.

(E39 w/ OEM Nav pictured above)

Upgrading to an N7 Pro in a car with an existing Dynavin extension cable:

If you are upgrading your N6 or N7 to an N7 Pro, you won't need to purchase the extension cable again because it is the same on the N6, N7, and N7 Pro; however, you MUST replace the short wire harness (round or flat) that plugs into the car's square plug. (The N7/N7 Pro’s short wire harnesses has one brown end and one black end instead of two black ends.) The round and flat pin harnesses are included with the E39 and E53 Dynavins. But if you have an E46, let us know because you may need the flat pin wire harness which is only included with purchase of the extension cable. The round pin wire harness is included with the Dynavin for E46.

Click here for the PDF Version



1d: I installed the extension harness and my Dynavin buttons don't light up!
You may find after installing the extension cable that the buttons on your Dynavin don't light up. There is an orange illumination wire on the extension cable but there is no illumination wire in the trunk plug.  You will need to splice the orange wire from the extension "Fakra" cable into a dash lighting circuit. The easiest place to do this on most cars is the ashtray light or at the stock head unit plug; in most BMWs the lighting wire is the red and gray wire on the blue plug (pictured below).  ALWAYS confirm this with a test light or voltmeter.


PDF Version here



1e: Will my steering wheel buttons still work?

Yes! A CANBUS/iBus adapter is included with each N6 unit to handle the steering wheel control messages from the car in addition to other functions. Just plug it in!  

On the N7s, the CANBUS/iBus is integrated into the head unit so nothing extra to install! 

For the Mustang radio: If the steering wheel controls are not working, check that the 4-pin plug on the main harness is connected to the back of the radio and if it is, unplug it and make sure to plug it in the correct direction so it is keyed properly. This is a common install error.


1f: Will the E46 Dynavin work with my E46 HK system?

Yes! Plug and play. Install is no different. 



1g: Will the E39/E53 Dynavin work with the DSP system?

Yes! ONLY the Dynavin N6, N7, and N7 PRO units do.

Note: All M series E39s and E53s have DSP. Another way to know is if your car does not have stock navigation and your stock stereo has a DSP button on it, then it has DSP. If you're still not sure, get your VIN and go to

With the Dynavin N6 & N7, Dynavin has come up with a way to emulate the OEM head unit in a way that keeps the DSP amp active.  This allows the Dynavin to be plug and play with the DSP system allowing retention of the OEM amp and speakers.  Due to the architecture of the DSP system, there are some limits to the functionality of the system; for instance, the fader is not adjustable (as the input to the DSP amp is 2 channel, not 4) and the interface with the stock DSP amp requires a very specific setup procedure to ensure even volume output between sources.


N7 & N7 PRO: To enable DSP functionality with the new Dynavin N7/N7 PRO in an E39 or E53, simply go to the "AUDIO" menu from the main menu and ensure that "OE DSP" is checked.

More about DSP:

The DSP is a proprietary integrated system, the display on the dashboard is just a control unit and display, the amp, radio and all its functions are actually housed in the trunk. Because of its closed nature you cannot remove a part of the system and expect it to still operate.

Because of this there used to be only two options available.  Option 1 was to relocate the dash mounted parts of the stock system to the trunk and/or glove compartment, info about how to do this can be found here:

The second option was to bypass the factory amp altogether and install an aftermarket amp. This option is desirable if you want to upgrade your sound at the same time that you upgrade your head unit. 

If you have a different brand of head unit, it WILL NOT work with the DSP system and you will need to do one of the options explained above.


1h: Can I watch TV on the Dynavin?

There is a television tuner available but it is a separate accessory. At this point there is only a tuner available for DVB-T markets (Europe and Australia primarily).

However, the Dynavin does play DVD movies. The Dynavin N7-E9X unit is the only one not equipped with a CD/DVD drive but you can purchase one separately that fits into the glove box: N7-HDP External DVD/CD drive for N7-E9X. 



1i: Do I need anything else?

If you've selected the options in the drop down menus correctly, you probably won't need anything else. Optional accessories include the USB extension cable so that you can easily access the USB plugs on the back of the unit once it is installed. This allows you to charge your phone or plug in a flash drive loaded with your music. The Dynavin also has an auxiliary audio/video input; there are a number of cables that can be used with the aux in and which cord you might use depends on what you want to connect. For example, the headphone style plug is the most popular as it allows ANYTHING with a headphone output to be played. Lastly, since the Dynavin is reverse camera ready, you may also want the backup camera. These items can be purchased from our accessories section or as add-ons in the drop down menus on the Dynavin product pages.



1j: Where can I get these USB and auxiliary cables?

These cables can be purchased from our accessories section.



1k: I have an early E46/E39 with the "powered" antenna, Will my radio work?

Some BMWs before early 2002 have an antenna that is powered by the factory head unit, when you remove the OEM head unit, you remove the power source resulting in sub par radio reception.  The fix is to buy a Metra 40-VW53 antenna adapter; connect the blue power wire on it to the red wire in the Dynavin harness.  This restores power to the antenna and will improve reception. 

Since the Dynavin N6 now has an OEM Fakra style antenna plug instead of a standard aftermarket antenna plug, you will also need a second adapter to convert the standard antenna plug on the Metra 40-VW53 part to the Fakra style plug on the Dynavin...Metra 40-EU20 will do the trick.



1L: Is the Dynavin and truly "plug and play"?

Yes! These Dynavin units come with wire harness adapters that match the factory wiring and all the accessory parts needed for standard functionality. They are cosmetically and physically matched to the vehicle in order to fit and appear stock with minimal installation required. Except for a few minor exceptions, they fit without modification to the vehicle.

Various accessories are also available, backup cameras, flush mount cables, tuners, etc. that may require more extensive installation.

If you are installing an extension cable into an E46/E39/E53, see question 1d.



1m: Does the Dynavin N7/N7 PRO support SiriusXM satellite radio?

Yes, but only the new Dynavin N7 & N7 PROs are compatible with SiriusXM with the SiriusXM SXV300 Tuner (sold separately). All N7/N7 PROs include the SiriusXM tuner adapter cable which plugs into the tuner and the back of the Dynavin (it's all plug and play). In the System menu, make sure your region/country is set to USA. Then, go to the Radio menu and in the bottom left corner you can choose between AM, FM, or SiriusXM. You will just have to activate the tuner by calling SiriusXM.

The Dynavin N7-GM2007 PRO is the only radio that does integrate with the factory SiriusXM Tuner if equipped.

Alternatively, you can use the SiriusXM smartphone app and connect your phone via auxiliary input OR and stream the audio to the head unit via Bluetooth.

The previous N6 units do NOT directly support satellite radio; however, you can use the SiriusXM smartphone app and connect your phone via auxiliary input OR and stream the audio to the head unit via Bluetooth. However, in both of these instances, you would have to control SiriusXM from your phone.

The Dynavin N7/N7 PRO is not compatible with factory SiriusXM tuners (except for the Dynavin N7-GM2007 PRO radio); the SiriusXM SXV300 Tuner is required for functionality. However, there have been certain cases in which people have used the factory antenna.


1n: What is the difference between the Dynavin N6, N7, and the N7 PRO?

Click here for a side-by-side comparison of the N6 and the new N7 as well as additional information.

The main difference between the N7 and the N7 PRO is that the PRO has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay built-in to the radio. Just plug in via USB and it initiates automatically. No more iLink add-on module. Instead, it includes the iLink Pro USB dongle for functionality.


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1o. What is the difference between the Dynavin models D90, D99, N6, and N7 units?

Please see "Differences Between the Dynavin D90, D95, D99, N6, N7 and N7 PRO"


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1p. How do I know if my BMW E90-E93 has Logic7 or not? 


This view is looking down through the windshield at the top of the dash.The Logic7 system has a center channel speaker on the top of the dash between the vents like so:

Cars without the Logic7 system do not have this speaker between the vents:

1q. What parts/components are included with the Dynavin N7 Pro?

The parts included depend on the vehicle application but all radios include what is needed for the install. Just make sure to select the appropriate option(s) in the provided drop-down menus. Click here for a general list of the parts included with all of the Dynavin N7 Pro units.


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2. Installation


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2a: What do these labels mean on the USBs and which ones should I use?

N7 PRO models: For a flash drive or plugging in a smartphone (Android or Apple), use the USB labeled "MEDIA". If you are installing the iLink Pro, use the USB labeled "iLink Pro". 

N7 models: For a flash drive or plugging in a smartphone (Android or Apple), use the USB labeled "MEDIA". If you are installing the iLink, use the USB labeled "SYSTEM". The "SYSTEM" USB is also generally compatible with Apple devices.

N6 models: For a flash drive or plugging in your smartphone (Android or Apple), use the USB labeled "MEDIA". If you are installing the iLink, use the USB labeled "INTERNET".

D99 models: The DVD USB is used to play music/videos/pictures off a USB flash drive and is one of the selectable sources for the Dynavins regular player interface. It is also used to update the firmware. 



2b: Do I need to ground the "park" wire to make video work while the car is in motion?

No. There is a setting in the radio menu called "Brake." Turn it off to make video play while the vehicle is in drive, but please pay attention to the road!




2c: My Dynavin is very loud and does not seem to have much volume adjustment. 

The Dynavin units have an output level setting to change the output to better match the car's OEM amplifier (if equipped).

If you have an E39 with DSP, go to the "Sound" or "Audio" menu icon > DSP Setting and adjust the slider higher. This will help regulate call volume that is too loud. Do the opposite if too quiet.

On D99 units go to the hidden "Factory Settings Menu" by going into radio settings, select SYSTEM, the press the upper right corner of the screen.  The menu will come up, set the AMP setting to COMMON (or ON depending on your Dynavin version).  DO NOT set this setting to OPTICAL.

If your Dynavin is too quiet, do the opposite and set the AMP setting to NONE.

The N6 has a similar feature in the sound menu called Hifi Amp.  Use as necessary.


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2d: I hear lots of weird noises, static, beeps, etc...

If you ran the extension cable in your E46, E39, or E53, be careful to note the location of the battery cable in your car. Running the extension harness near the battery cable can cause noise issues particularly when accelerating.  Standard practice is to run the signal cables (including the extension harness) down the opposite side of the car from the battery cable.

Depending on the vehicle, you will also want to check the OE DSP Amp setting in the Sound menu. Turn it on and lower it as needed.

See 2c for more. 



2e: My steering wheel controls don't work!

N7/N7 PRO models: The N7 models have the iBus/Canbus box integrated into the head unit. So, as long as everything is plugged in correctly, there's nothing special you need to do. It's always a good idea to make sure you're on the latest firmware version and the car type is set correctly. Check for latest firmware here.

N6 models: Verify that you have plugged in the little black ibus/canbus interface box; it just plugs into the Dynavin's wire harness. You should hear it click in.That is it. It is only plugged in on the one side not both.


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2f: What is the best place to put the external mic?

Many people put them in the stock mic location near the sunroof controls but every car is different, experiment a bit to find the location that works best for you. The mic is VERY directional so near the rear-view mirror, at the front of the headliner, pointing toward you is usually the best option.

 And, yes, you must install it for the Dynavin to be fully functional. The Dynavin is only compatible with the included Dynavin microphone.



2g: Will the Dynavin work with a universal backup camera?

Absolutely! Universal backup cameras are one of the most common accessories installed along with a new head unit.  There is a dedicated standard video plug for the camera and a wire that is tied in with the camera power wire so that when the backup camera is activated by the reverse lights, the head unit will automatically switch to the backup camera. Most aftermarket backup cameras are compatible with the Dynavin.

If installing with an N7 for an E46/E39/E53, be sure to connect the green wire labeled "Reverse Trigger" or "360 BIRDVIEW ACTIVE" to the red power wire on the backup camera. See below for wiring diagrams: 

Backup Camera Wiring Diagram Overview (Dynavin N7/N7 PRO)

Backup Camera Wiring Diagram Overview (Dynavin N6)

If you want your backup camera to be on all the time so you can access backup camera view on your Dynavin while in drive, you will need to connect the red power wire on the backup camera to the red "CAMERA POWER" wire on one of the included RCA cables.

Installing the factory backup camera with a Dynavin is typically not done (and not recommended) as parts to make them compatible are expensive and a highly experienced install technician is required.



2h: Why won't a disc, CD, DVD go into the CD slot?

Some of the N6 units are shipped with two shipping "protection" screws on the top of the unit as pictured below. Dynavin has begun phasing these out as they have redesigned the CD drives but they have not yet removed the warning on the top cover. Check the top of the unit to ensure these are not installed and, if present, are removed before installing. 

Before reinstalling into your dash, we recommend inserting a disc to ensure it is working correctly.

 Shipping screws



2i: This plug doesn't seem to match the plug in my car.

Every Dynavin unit comes with the appropriate wire harness adapter to match your car. Some units come with 2 or more plugs to match the possible variations in a few given vehicle applications. Look closely at each plug. It may take trial and error but one of them WILL match up to your car. 

If you have a BMW and are using the extension harness, the short adapter harness plugs into the radio plug in the trunk area. Then the extension harness plugs into that and is run to the dash where it plugs into the back of the new head unit. You are no longer using the stock radio module or the CD changer; you are simply connecting the extension cable to the car plug (sometimes a blue end) which is  in the trunk for your BMW with OEM navigation. You are bypassing the stock radio module.

For extension cable install instructions, click here.


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2j: How do you install the iLink module for Apple CarPlay?


Simply plug in the iLink Pro dongle (included) into the USB port labeled "iLink Pro" on the back of the Dynavin radio. You can run the dongle to the glove box/compartment or anywhere else within reach and then plug your phone into the iLink Pro dongle via lightning cable/USB-C, etc. 


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2k: How do you install a universal backup camera with a Dynavin?

N7/N7 PRO: See install diagram here for installing with a Dynavin N7/N7 PRO.

N6: See install diagram here for installing with a Dynavin N6.

Please note: these diagrams are shown with the Echomaster Universal Camera that we sell; however, most universal cameras are compatible and install will be similar. 

If you want your backup camera to be on all the time so you can access backup camera view on your Dynavin while in drive, you will need to connect the red power wire on the backup camera to the red "CAMERA POWER" wire on one of the included RCA cables.

Installing the factory backup camera with a Dynavin is typically not done (and not recommended) as parts to make them compatible are expensive and a highly experienced install technician is required.


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2l. Where do I plug in the radio antenna extension cable for the Dynavin MBE or SLK head unit?

The OEM AM/FM radio antenna connection in some of the Mercedes E Class/CLS (MBE) and SLK is located behind the rear seats in the trunk. Therefore, the Dynavin MBE & SLK includes a radio antenna extension cable that will need to be run from the Dynavin to the car's trunk in order for the AM/FM radio to work. See images below for location of radio antenna in an E Class W211. Please contact us if you have other install-related questions.


2m: How do I fix the interference (lines or black screen) when the backup camera is on while the engine is running?

If you are having interference such as a black screen or lines when in backup camera mode while the engine is running, you will need to power the camera directly off the battery and use a relay to switch it on and off using the reverse light circuit to switch the relay. See 2k to ensure the backup camera is wired correctly.


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2n. How do I get the Dynavin for the E39 to fit in the dash properly?

On the BMW E39 dash behind the trim that goes across the dash there is a row of screws that secure the top and bottom half of the dash together. Take out these screws and the lower dash will become loose. Get the Dynavin into place, then put the screws back in and tighten the lower dash.


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2o. How do I install the MOST adapter with the MBE radio?

Click here for MOST adapter install instructions.


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2p. How do I enable audio on my N7-A5/N7-A5 PRO radio? 

Audis (and some newer VWs) have a proprietary port in the glove compartment called the AMI plug. There are a bunch of different cables that can be plugged in there (these came with the car originally). The head unit "sees" the AMI cable and opens the appropriate port (usb, aux, iPod, etc). Since the Dynavin feeds the audio into the aux port, we need the aux port to open on the head unit and the way to do that is to plug in the aux version of the AMI cable. That will allow the head unit to open the right port and enable the audio. (You are not plugging anything into the aux plug end.) If you no longer have the aux version AMI cable, you can purchase it here:


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3. Operation


3a: The screen gives me a warning message when I try to watch a DVD or video?

Go into the settings menu and turn off the setting labeled "Brake".



3b: Why is the time always wrong on the radio screen?

On older D99 and earlier units if you have RDS turned on, the Dynavin will get its time settings from the radio station you are listening to. If the radio station is broadcasting inaccurate RDS time data....your clock will be wrong on your Dynavin! Turn off RDS in the settings menu or call your local radio station and tell them to fix their RDS time settings!

On N6 and N7 units the time is set by the GPS satellites; good GPS reception is a necessity and you must set the time zone in the Settings menu. (See image below for your time zone setting. Daylight Savings Time is depicted below. Add -1 for standard time.)

Visit to search by specific location.



3c: Where is the setting to make the time 12 hour instead of 24?

Older Dynavin units only display time on the Radio in 24 hour time, On the navigation screens time display is configurable in the navigation system menu.


On N6 and N7 units set the region to USA in the Settings/System menu. 



3d: What's with all the different menus?

There are separate menus for the stereo portion of the unit and the navigation portion of the unit.  Time settings and a number of sound settings may be fount within each. Once you spend some time with the unit and understand how it works you will better understand the different menus and how to use them.



3e: Does the Dynavin have internet browsing?

No. Newer Dynavin units do not have internet browsing as they are more conventional, radio function focused units. 


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3f: My phone won't pair with the Dynavin.

If you have an iPhone, "FORGET" the device from your phone and do a hard reset (not just a restart but not a factory reset). If it's an Android, "FORGET" the device from your phone and restart.

On the Dynavin, go to the Phone dial pad menu, then the Settings gear icon, and press "Bluetooth Reset". Then reboot the Dynavin by holding down the "MODE" or "SRC "button until the screen goes blank. Finally, pair phone with the Dynavin after both have rebooted.


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3g: How do I change the boot/startup screen image?

See page 48-49 of the N7 catalog for instructions or click here.

You can save images to the Dynavin from an SD Card or USB device. You can then select one to display as your Dynavin starts up. You can use any picture you have stored on the SD card or USB such as JPG, PNG or BMP files. To change the startup or boot screen, access the USB or SD Card menu. Find the image you'd like and press the icon in the bottom left corner. The image selected to be displayed during startup will be confirmed by the green circled check mark icon in the bottom left corner.

You can see video instructions for this at the 1:00 minute mark:

For adding images to radio preset buttons, see 3h below.


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3h. How do I assign images for radio presets?

Click here for instructions for adding images to radio preset icons.


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3i. How do I enable SiriusXM radio on my Dynavin N7/N7 PRO?


To enable SiriusXM, you must have installed the SiriusXM SXV300 tuner using the Dynavin N7 SiriusXM adapter cable. Once installed, go to the SYSTEM settings menu and change the Region to USA. Then go to the Radio. You should now see the SiriusXM option in the left bottom corner of the screen. If you don't, check all of your connections and make sure the antenna has good reception. Only the Dynavin N7 version has SiriusXM capability. 


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3j. What can I do if the unit or screen freezes?


Rarely the unit or screen may freeze. It happens with electronics and is ok if it's infrequent. To restart the unit manually, hold down the "SRC" or "MODE" button for 10 seconds or until the screen goes black. It will restart and everything will run as normal. If not or if this happens frequently, please contact for assistance.


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3k. How do I enable audio with the Dynavin for my BMW E39 or E53 in my DSP car?

Go to the AUDIO menu from the N7's main screen. If your E39 or E53 has DSP, make sure that the "DSP" option is checked. If you still do not have audio, make sure the battery is load tested to ensure sufficient power is available to power the speakers. If the battery load tests good and still no audio, please contact or give us a call during our normal business hours for troubleshooting.



4. Navigation


4a: I press the navigation button and nothing happens!

On N6 & N7 units the iGO Primo nav SD card must be inserted in the "NAV" SD card slot or the nav button will not respond. If the card is inserted in the correct slot and it's still not loading navigation, contact us.


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4b: My E9X Dynavin loses its settings every time I turn it off!

Unlike most cars the E90/92/93 BMW 3 series does not have a constant power "memory" wire in the factory radio plug.  Dynavin provides a power wire in the new wire harness that is to be run to the car's positive battery terminal.  This wire MUST be connected for the Dynavin to operate.  While it may seem attractive to try to connect to a constant power source in the fuse box it is not recommended.  Most of the circuits in the fuse box shut down after 20 minutes.  Running to the power wire to the battery is the least time consuming and most foolproof.

Also, make sure you are on the most current firmware. See 5a.


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5. Firmware updates


5a: How do I update the firmware on my Dynavin?  

Click here for FIRMWARE UPDATES.


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5b: How do I update my iGo Primo navigation/map software?

To update your navigation software, please visit You have 30 days free updating through this service. You can also buy additional maps here. Please contact Naviextras for questions or help.


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