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About Dynavin

Established in 2003, Dynavin Electronic HK Ltd. is a leader in the world of aftermarket multimedia, navigation head units. Always looking to innovate, Dynavin released the world's first aftermarket OE fit head unit for the Audi A3 in 2008 followed by the world’s first BMW E46 3 Series-exclusive head unit in 2009.  In the years since, Dynavin has developed over 30 models of vehicle-specific navigation head units designed to overcome the challenges of plug-and-play installation, integration, functionality, and cosmetics for those specific vehicles. 

Dynavin's head office is based in Shenzhen, China with a team of over 50 people working in sales, shipping, and development. In 2009, Dynavin GmbH was founded in Karlsruhe, Germany to improve research and product development. The engineers there develop CANbus-related vehicle integration to allow our head units to seamlessly integrate and enhance OEM functionality. 

In 2016, Dynavin began developing head units in Fresno, California with the help of J&T Distributing Inc. - Dynavin North America to expand into the American auto market. Dynavin head units are now available for GMC and Ford trucks, Ford Mustangs, and Jeep Wranglers. 

With Dynavin distributors in over 20 countries and a dedicated R&D team, we strive to create innovative customer-driven products and make Dynavin synonymous with "OEM fit" head units worldwide.

The Dynavin brand has now existed for over 13 years and has developed into one of the best retrofit equipment manufacturers. Dynavin continuously works to improve its products allowing Dynavin head units to be offered to over 30 models and currently have the largest technical standard on the market.



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